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As a full-service-provider we advise investors in all business matters - from relationship initiations over founding a company to the aquisition and follow-through of attractive projects. Furthermore, we specialise on worldwide distribution of patented pharmaceuticals and cosmetics, working together with designated pharmaceutical companies.

Your Benefits

Business Consulting from A to Z

With HAJANI Investment you have a trustworthy partner at your side, legally registered and allowed to take care of every and all formalities required for German business. Especially the support of foreign companies is an integral part of our portfolio - starting at the initial consultation up to the successful completion of lucrative projects.

Sell & Distribute Worldwide

Our mission is the inition of business relationship worldwide, i.e. in the pharma industry, as well as connecting you to invaluable partners for your business. Benefit from our vast network of clients and partners to create an economic advantage for you.

Excellent Network

On the one hand, we maintain exceptional relationships to ministries, city- and local governments in Germany for realising lucrative projects of public interest, as well as international governments, like the KRG Northern Iraq. Additionally, we maintain great contacts with pharmaceutical companies in Germany and Wholesale companies in Iraq.

The leading head behind HAJANI Investment

Founder and Owner of the company, Bederkhan Hajani, was born in Northern Iraq and has been living in Germany for more than 20 years. In this time, he managed to build an extensive network of business partners in both Germany and Northern Iraq. His flexibility, discretion and trustworthiness are highly valued by his customers, especially in the pharmaceutical sector.

The great business relationships with german companies as well as state institutions are major factors in ensuring that especially attractive projects of public interest - eg. construction projects - could be realized. Hajani's contacts with international governments, such as KRG Kurdistan Northern Iraq offer his clients lucrative benefits. Thanks to his close-knit network, the entrepreneur often receives advantageous access to project tenders with large profit possibilities he can win for his clients.

Hajani's entrepreneurial profile includes the following areas of activity: Establishing international business relatinships; Advising foreign investors; Distribution of pharmaceutical products; Production and distribution of own cosmetic products; Investments in other companies; Import and export of merchandise of all kinds.

Clients and Business Partners

Kurdistan Regional Government, KRG

Max Medica Company

Schaer Pharma Switzerland

Dr. Schnell GmbH & Co. KGaA

Darin Group

reha GmbH

Taklog International GmbH

Sardar Machinery Co. Ltd.

Vermop Deutschland GmbH

Salahaddin Holding Company

LOWA Sportschuhe GmbH

Cholo Construction & Oil


KRG - Ministry of Health

Iraq - Ministry of Health

Tentan AG Switzerland

International Success with Hajani.

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